Wednesday, January 6, 2016


This period, few days after New Year, starts to disturb me a bit. From every corner of The Information Ether around me I get pretty clear message: it is time to lose fat and hit the gym. This is very rare instance when information environment is so unified. I think it is time for all americans to create a name for this period.  So, came up with "Hunger Games". This like any other American holiday, say valentine's day. Except everybody buying LoseFat books, supplements and personal training hours. 
P.S. Unlucky for us, me and Greg, we decided to change gym and sign up for new one. We'll go to Anytime Fitness. Problem is they make an impression of one of those HealthyLIfeStyle cultists like GoodLife. And those gave me a really hard time trying push their shit last time.

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