Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Middle east war

It seems that a lot of people find it impossible to express opinion about the war in Israel without writing long paragraphs of text. Or giving up completely and blindly falling for one another side. These are definite signs of cognitive dissonance.

Maybe I can help. 

The problem here is because it's not a single dichotomy - Palestine vs Israel.

It is 2 different dichotomies. 

1. Military: Israel vs Hamas

2. Civil: Palestinian vs Israeli

If you put this way it feel a lot easier to settle your position. 

As for me, on number 1, I support Israel. I don't think I need to clarify why I'm not on Hamas side. At the same time, on number 2, I want to help Palestinians, because they suffer the most in this war. I'm not that worried for Israeli people. I know they can take care of themselves and they seems to be doing fine.