Wednesday, May 19, 2021

One of those days

There are lots of tragic and not so much events happen around you every day. But only some days they get somewhat close and you feel like something is changing. Something is about to unfold.

Today I found out my friend died from cancer. We weren't close but we made some good memories together. He was that kind of a nice person who leave unfairly early but remembered by everyone they've met. Even for a brief moment.   

Yesterday a woman fell out of the window in our building. I didn't notice anything until I came out on the balcony and saw the police and medics. I saw one medic trying to resuscitate her and another checking his wrist watch. The moment you know, it is over. The first time I witnessed someone actually die right in front of me. 

Also today my boss said he's going to leave the company. He's basically a founder of our team and many other things in the company I still have no idea about. It's a critical moment when the founder leaves everything to his successor. 

All that makes me feel like I'm at some important moment, a turning point for others but not for me. A reflection moment. A reminder not to stay stale, move forward and treasure every second.