Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Interesting article about historical accuracy.
When it comes to historical accuracy, I think I can understand and imagine a lot of things. In many cases it's easy because all you need to do is just extrapolate things from modern days back to the past. Like we have violence and in middle ages they had a lot of violence, lots and lots of it.

But one thing which I cannot understand, imagine and accept is  Marie Antoinette defecating on floor in Versailles. I easily can imagine people doing this on streets (been in Montreal yesterday). It is easy to move this kind of act in meddle ages saying in those days it normal way to realise yourself on street (probably you should even hide in dark corners of buildings) and today it's deviant behaviour. And you can do the same with "luxury of defecating on floor in your own castle". Only related thing fits for that kind of behaviour these days is when you do not clean after yourself. For every garbage and mess you produce you have special people to clean it up for you. But the historical gap between those act is so damn wide my imagination just cannot accept this as true story.