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Hello! Welcome to anabelov.info!

This site is a blog, in what is now an old fashioned way to appear online. The main reason it exists is because I like long reads. Well what is now considered "long". Back when it started blogs were a short read. Modern social networks dominated by short format messages in a sense that was established by twitter and now spread almost everywhere. Now messages come to live, shine for a second and disappear in the void forever, never to be seen again.

It seemed a little sad to me. Even though I use FaceBook and Instagram quite often, so I kept this blog to put here something I don't want to disappear.

When blogs first started in places like Livejournal.com, they were envisioned as personal diary you selectively share with others or just keep it to yourself. The idea of diary comes from distant past. Before computers it was somewhat popular to write things down in a small book. Like hipsters do today with moleskine, but not for a showoff. Writing down your thoughts and life events had certain therapeutic advantages. So, blogs were thought as diaries hosted online (which was totally cool at that time). Then people started to blog more and more, personal exhibitionism plus communication advantages prevailed over privacy of a diary. That's why blogs in an old sense are dead. Showing off and chat with friends this is what social media is about at the moment. 

But, the need for a personal diary is not just matter of fashion. It is a good practice for your mind to write your thoughts. That's how you know if you have any. That's how you start to think. Some of them you may wish to keep to yourself, some might be interesting to the others.

Why am I writing this? Because this is the way I treat this blog. The way it was at the beginning. I put here thoughts to free off my mind or those worth of saving. This is an imprint of my personality, with it's flaws and strengths. The way I am.


Anatoly Belov

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