Saturday, October 12, 2019


I don't post motivational stuff usually. I just found this interesting and I want to share it, not only because I fell victim of that fallacy myself many times, but also I see it in a lot in people around.
That being said, the worst part is when you actually get what you want, but don't use it because, well, you "don't have time" ("rich people" problems, lol). It makes you even more miserable, because before you at least had some hope. Now it's just you, the device and excuses.
These days when I get an idea of doing something new, to avoid all that misery and not to insult myself with silly excuses, I've learned to think about planning, rather than tools. When I'm going to do that, how many times a week? How hard it's going to be? How it affect my performance at work or keeping up with household shores. So, basically if you buy siomething, plan to use it well. In short,  "If you got the clubs, you got to club".

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