Thursday, April 17, 2014

Looking for age category

After we checked several episodes, one thing which continuously irritate us is ridiculously childish behaviour of characters. They behave as they were 20 years old guys, with all their luck of social experience and tons of complexes. 
So, question is why authors decided to put guys, who by they behaviour, look like they just graduated from college in to the skin of  after-30 age category people?

So I and Greg speculated a few ideas. These are few, in my opinion, equally plausible ones.
1. Originally script was written about guys who in their 20es. So some of them young, just graduated and found job in gaming industry and some already reached 30 but still couldn't find themselves and he continues to work as waiter. 
But one nice morning, after script was done and ready to roll, say, producer came and said that now show must aim to older age category, so we need to make characters older. And they just did.
Maybe, in general, it is a good idea, to aim for after-30-age, though I have no clue why. But in that case you just need to write a new script. 

2. From another perspective everything was done as it was planed in the beginning. In that case all characters were dumbed down. I think it's pretty usual trick used in TV melodramas and soap operas. Purpose is simple, viewers should feel themselves smarter than tv characters. 
So you making show for people after 30, but putting all character's behaviour as if they were socially less experienced, what makes everyone feel a bit better. Problem here is that average level of viewers is pretty low, that's why sometimes deeds of characters in the show look more like some what of a school kid.

3. Or maybe I'm just misanthropic snob.

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