Monday, September 11, 2017


I always have that uneasy feeling when they try to wash religious orthodoxy's face from all the dirt. It looks clean, but now you can actually see how ugly it is. At some point a horrifying thought visits you, that maybe... maybe!.. it was actually better before. O_o
Because before you could easily argue that this is just a piece of shit, lets get rid of it. But now, it would sound more like a prejudice or personal opinion at best.

They can really argue that hijab and burka protect women from unnecessary attention of horny males. However, completely different story is when they say that nobody forces women to wear hijab or burka. That smells the same as 99.99% of North Koreans support their government (remaining fraction are children who can't speak).

So, I have no stylistic issues with hijab, I'm against fashion policing. But, hijab and burka create nasty dichotomy. If you wear it, you are lawful, good, moral person: here's your husband, here's your allowance. If not, you are disgraceful slut and you deserve whatever bad shit happens to you. No pressure (according to modern islamic apologetic).

They may argue that in western world you have to agree to social norms, so you can get certain benefits of living in society. True.
However, important difference with theocratic societies here is that you free to choose the extent of social norms you accept. Of course you have to acquire basic norms, but nobody forces you to accept whole package. You generally free to make up your own personal set of morals and live perfectly fine.

For women in many islamic states this is not an option. You either accept Islamic Law or you disgraceful slut.

So, don't get too excited when you see picture like one below.